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Journey Through the Wild

Plot change... Yes, we are still continuing lifestyle, weddings, and mini-sessions; however, we are excited to begin this journey of wildlife photography.

At times, our stories feel rushed, busy, or complicated. Taking a chance to sit and listen to the birds chirp or the squirrels rustle in the leaves, we slow down for maybe a minute.

Today, we sat and watched birds fly from branch to branch. The weather was quite comfortable for a December day in the Appalachian Mountains. Peaceful and calm breezes would pass by. All felt perfect in that moment.

As we approach a new year, I want to challenge you to find something that makes you present. When our stories feel overwhelming, stressful, scary, or simply busy, take time to start a different chapter. Trade that book with a different book. Change the story. Feel free to follow along as we... Journey Through the Wild.

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